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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nanhua Street Day and Night Market, Kaoshiung, Taiwan

Nanhua Street Day & Night Market Entrance
In Kaoshiung, we visited Nanhua Night Market, Liuhe Night Market and Ruifeng Night Market.  Most of these night markets are packed with people, tourists and locals especially during weekends.
Nanhua Day and Night Market at Nanhua Street, Kaoshiung in photos.

The 'Saba Ye' fish soup is good
The above food outlet has very good freshwater fish soup.  If I am not wrong the fish is known as 'Saba Yu' in Taiwanese local dialect.  We had a plate of boiled meat with shredded ginger and sauce, blanched vegetables, fish soup, dried noodles and 'lor bak' rice.  The total costs of this dinner is NT$175.
'Ai Yu' with lime- can really quench your thirst

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