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Sunday, October 09, 2016


This year's Nine Emperor Gods Festival was smooth and easy for me.  I didn't do much of cooking as my sister and sister in-law were away on holiday.  There is no necessity to cook extra vegetarian food for them.  My neighbour whom I used to cook vegetarian food for during this festival also chose to eat at the vegetarian food stalls instead of having home-cooked vegetarian food.  With only my small family of three, there is no need to cook  much except only for dinner.
I also got to know that vegetarian food was available at the temple for devotees throughout the day and payment is through donation.  This is a good practice and encouragement for us to have our meals at the temple especially when the temple is just across the road from where I lived [Taman Lip Sin, Penang].  It is so convenient and we also get to meet people living in our area and notice the strong bond of community spirit.

This year is the 29th year of Taman Lip Sin Kew Ong Yeah Temple.  Here are some pictures which I took picturing the activities held during this year's celebration.  I was told that for next year which is the 30th anniversary, celebration will be on a grand scale. Let's look forward to celebrate this festival next year.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Since my youngest brother Roddy's passing on Christmas Day 2013, I have not visited the makeshift temple during the Hungry Ghost Festival celebrations.  I have avoided going there as it brings back memories of my lively brother who was actively involved with the celebration for years at the temple.
My family prefers to observe the festival and celebration in our family home where we have an altar to worship the King of Hades.
For decades, we have made similar offerings at home and also at the temple.  But ever since  Roddy's passing, my mom and us prefer to worship and make offerings to the King of Hades at home.
Below are some pictures of the offerings we made to King of Hades this year.
 King of Hades altar is the one on the right hand corner
Steamboat Prepared at Home

We hope to carry on with this ritual annually on a bigger scale at home after all it is the same deity that we are worshipping.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


It seems so recent that my youngest brother, Roddy left us yet it is already over 2 years that he was not around anymore.
Today, 19th day of the 12 month of the lunar calendar is his 'birthday' that is if he is still in this world.  But, in the netherworld, this day is known as 'Bian Kee'.  A day where the family holds a praying session with all the goodies deem fit for birthday celebrations without the person concerned.  This is the third time and the last we have this kind of prayers to mark his 'birthday'.  
No one would like to celebrate this kind of 'birthday' which means the person is no longer around in this world.  The feeling and mood are not the same.  We cannot see if he is  enjoying, happy or not and can only ask if he is alright in that world with the throwing of 2 coins.  A head and tail would signify 'okay', both heads or tails would mean otherwise.