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Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Brother Roddy's First Bian Kee

Today is another day of prayers to my late youngest brother Roddy Ong Lay Keong who left us on Christmas Day 2013.    It is his lunar birthday if he is still living.  According to tradition and culture, the family has to observe his lunar birthday [Bian Kee] for 3 consecutive years after his passing.  He had left about 3 weeks before his 47th birthday.    So it is the first Bian Kee for him.  Again it is a sad occasion for the family and the thought of him brings uncontrollable tears to the eyes of his loved ones.  We miss him so much.
On 20th December 2013 [5 days before his passing], we had the last Bian Kee prayers for my late Papa [see post] who passed away in 2011.  I was so happy then that it was going to be the last time that I had to make the Blue Mi Koo.   For such occasion, the Red Mi Koo has to be made blue [I used the blue flowers for the colour].  Never have I thought that it is so soon I have to make the buns again.

As it was a Sunday, most of the family members are home to offer prayers to him.  Hope he will rest in peace and blessed the family.
As it is a 'birthday', most of the food offered are different from the usual offered during ancestral worships.
There are birthday noodles, cakes, red eggs, fried chicken, fruits [fresh cherries and strawberries] and snacks  [fried ngaku chips and peanut cookies] that he loved etc.