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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Tribute to Our brother - Roddy [1967-2013]

This is our tribute to our dear youngest brother, Roddy on his funeral today.  We lost him in a road mishap on this fateful Christmas morning at 6.20am, when he left us without a word of 'goodbye'.  His sudden departure is a great loss and pain to all of us irrespective of how we are related to him for we all loved him so much beyond words can expressed.
This tribute/ovation to Lay Keong was prepared by me, 
his third sister, on behalf of all his siblings

"Our youngest brother, Roddy Ong Lay Keong was born in the year of the Horse, on 29 January 1967.  Since his birth, we believed he was the family's shining lucky star.  Our late father managed to secure a long lasting business contract with a well established manufacturing factory that brought a change to the family's financial status.  The contract lasted well over 40 years, almost as long as Lay Keong's lifetime.
From young, he used to be a cute, handsome-looking chubby little boy well dressed in denim clothes and attire.  Everybody loves this lovable boy.  This cute little boy had travelled as far as Indonesia and Singapore with us, his 3 sisters.
As a boy and until his last day, he had never caused trouble/problems for his parents and family.
Eventhough, he did not excel in his studies, he had established a long lasting friendship with his classmates since his school days until today. All we know of our brother Lay Keong was that he had been a jovial and happy go-lucky guy.   A filial son to our Papa and Mama, caring and loving husband and father to his wife and 2 young daughters, a caring and concerned brother to his siblings, a great uncle to his nieces and nephews.  He was also a great and dear friend to all who knows him, his friends.  Please give him a clap for who he was before this day.
"Now that you have left us so suddenly on this Christmas morning without a word of 'Goodbye', we believed this wasn't your choice as you too loved us so much.  Perhaps, you have another great mission waiting for you to do, that is to shine light, bring joy, love and happiness into another path elsewhere.
Whatever it is, you have lightened up our lives all these years you were with us bringing us much joy, laughter and happiness.
You were the pride of your parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children, nieces and nephews, relatives and friends.
We love you, miss you and shall remember you forever and ever."

"Rest in peace dear youngest brother Lay Keong"

This is a video clip of the tribute in Mandarin, 
recited by his niece Thanatcha, Ee Mei


Roddy Ong Lay Keong's Funeral Day

A sad day for our family, relatives, friends and all acquaintances.  A huge turnout of all who are related and knows him.  There are many who did not know of his passing.  One of them is his cousin from Taiping who was so devastated after knowing about it a week later and a badminton game player/friend who got to know only after the funeral.
The final rites and prayers on funeral day and the last glimpse.
The band that played Roddy's  favourite songs that he used to sing. 
He loved singing.
The drum groups various areas that turned up.
The people [family members, relatives and friends] who came from far and near to pay their last respects.

Roddy's two young daughters
Roddy's Wife

Roddy's cousins, sister-in-laws and brother in-laws from near and far
Roddy's nephews and nieces
Representatives from the Ong Clansmen

Friends and neighbours from Weld Quay district
Representatives from some temples
Roddy's classmates and close buddies

Taoist Priests chanting the final prayers before the funeral procession
The hearse leaving the family house

The Band leading the funeral procession
Finally the funeral procession in video

At the burial ground - Relau Sepuluh Kongsi Chinese Cemetery