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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Prayers Held For Roddy Ong Lay Keong

Life can sometimes be so sweet and at times so cruel, it seems  like 'now you see it, now you don't'.  This minute you can be around [seen and felt] and next minute you no longer exists.
1st 7th day Prayers [31-12-2013] at the Relau Chinese Cemetery attended by immediate family members.

3rd Week 7th Day - Prayers [14-1-2014] at family house.  Family still grieving and very sad over his passing.  Most of the food offered were his favourite. 

The weekly prayers for Lay Keong were not as elaborate as that of my late Papa where there were  prayers for  1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th week except for the 6th week.  On the 7th day of sixth week, there was no prayers.  It was said that the deceased's maids in the netherworld will prepare food for him.
5th Week 7th day Prayers - omitted as he had no sons.
7th Week 49th day - Prayers [11-2-2014] at family house.   Times flies, seems not too long he left us but it's already 7 weeks long [49 days] had passed since we last seen him.  Of course, the family is still grieving even though we are trying our best to accept the fact.  But it still hurts and painful.  I prayed that he quickly find his way to be re-born into the family as soon as possible.  Is it possible, only God knows but that's my hope.  
Apart from the regular dishes prepared for prayers, I prepared the 'siew yoke' and 'pak cham kai' because it was just a few days after Jade Emperor's Birthday and you can find roasted pork at the wet market.  
Below is the array of food offered on this day.  We also burnt some joss papers and his clothes for him after prayers.  We are keeping some of his clothes for memory sake.

The next prayer service will be on the 100th day of his passing which will be held in the house and at his grave where his 'feng shui tomb' will be ready.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Pai Thnee Kong Chew Jetty Penang

Jade Emperor Festival at Chew Jetty in  Penang.  We noticed it wasn't as grand as previous years where there were lion and dragon dances but the whole area was crowded with people and the roads jammed with cars, cars and cars.   However, there was a stage show held at the jetty and many people took the opportunity to roam around the jetty.

The array of food and various praying items placed on a long row of tables with an altar where Jade Emperor was placed

These are some photos I took at a house along Weld Quay.  The family has been offering prayers yearly the traditional way [Penang style] to Jade Emperor [Thnee Kong] for several decades.  My family used to offer prayers the similar way during the times our family lived at the area.

Some foodstalls along the road which was closed for Pai Tin Kong

Fireworks on display at Lim Jetty at the struck of midnight on the 9th day of CNY