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Friday, February 07, 2014

Pai Thnee Kong Chew Jetty Penang

Jade Emperor Festival at Chew Jetty in  Penang.  We noticed it wasn't as grand as previous years where there were lion and dragon dances but the whole area was crowded with people and the roads jammed with cars, cars and cars.   However, there was a stage show held at the jetty and many people took the opportunity to roam around the jetty.

The array of food and various praying items placed on a long row of tables with an altar where Jade Emperor was placed

These are some photos I took at a house along Weld Quay.  The family has been offering prayers yearly the traditional way [Penang style] to Jade Emperor [Thnee Kong] for several decades.  My family used to offer prayers the similar way during the times our family lived at the area.

Some foodstalls along the road which was closed for Pai Tin Kong

Fireworks on display at Lim Jetty at the struck of midnight on the 9th day of CNY

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