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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This scenic spot of Fujian in Longyan was one of the many places which my relative in China took us to visit during our visit to Xiamen in September 2015.
The Longkong Cave is the main scenic spot of Longyan National Forest Park, is located in Yanshi Town, Xinlou District, Longyan [龙岩市] , 48 km away from the downtown of Longyan. It enjoys a reputation as  “The Number One Cave in east China”. It covers an area of 10 sq km and its core attraction is Longkong Cave, which is one of China’s especially large proven lava caves. Its formation can be dated back 300 million years. 
The total area in the Cave is 54000 msq and the tourist distance is over 3 km long. There are 8 big halls and 16 branch cavities in up, middle, and down layers of the cave. If you are there, you can feel like walking in a labyrinth. 

In Longkong Cave, there are strange and colourful stalactite, stalagmite, stone columns and other limestone of various shapes. Some are like mushrooms, some are like snakes, some are like frogs, and some are like escargots. Stone curtains, cave flowers and stone pots are here and there. Under the illumination of the light, they look more amazing.
What’s more, there is an underground river. Visitors may also take a boat in the cave which can add more interests for exploring this ancient cave discovered in the Tang Dynasty. 

Outside the cave, there are also beautiful natural sceneries. Longjing Well龙井, Longxu Waterfall, Dakeng Mountain, Longtan Lake and much more. 

Longjing Well is a mystery. The water in the well is clean and clear, and has never had water added. The distance between the water surface and the ground is more than 10 meters. It is said there was a tall tree that fell into the well and disappeared.  No one knows the depth of the well.  My camera wasn't good enough to catch a proper picture of it.
How To Get There:
1.  Private car 
2. Take a coach to Longyan City at Hubinnan Bus Station; then take bus to Longkong Cave
3. Use a travel agent
Admission fee includes a tour guide to show you the way into the scenic spot
Admission Fee - RMB55

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