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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
One of Xiamen's Many Ferry Terminals
Xiamen Island 
Xiamen, Fujian is located on the southeast coast of China and on the west bank of the Taiwan Straits with a land area of 1573 square kilometres and a sea area of 390 square kilometres.  It is made up of Xiamen islands and mainland Xiamen which are connected by numerous bridges.  It has a population of about 3.73 million.  It enjoys mild winter and cool summer with an annual mean temperature of 21 degrees C.
Xiamen Island Police Headquarters
It is one of China's first Special Economic Zones as well as an international tourist port city on the southeast coast of China.  It has been awarded Nations in Bloom and the coveted UN Habitat Scroll of Honor, hence long be called the 'Garden on the Sea' and the 'Coziest City'.
Night Views of Xiamen Island 

Xiamen boasts a long history with splendid cultural heritage.  Legend has it that Xiamen was originally a habitat of egrets, hence the name 'the Egrets Island'.
In 1387, the 20th year under the reign of Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang of the Ming Dynasty, the town of Xiamen was built as 'a grand gateway to China'.  In 1842, Xiamen was among the first 5 Chinese ports to open for trade.  As cultures of the East and West converge, Xiamen gradually forms a unique culture of its own by appreciating the 2 sides.
Minnan [Hokkien] Opera Show
Xiamen enjoys splendid culture, including Nanyin [Lam Imm], one of the oldest existing music forms in China and other traditional art forms such as Gezai Opera [Gezai Si], Gaojia opera, puppet show, chest slapping etc.

As the origin of Chinese tea, Xiamen has everything to do with tea.  Actually even the English word 'tea' is a loan word from 'te' in Xiamen dialect.
Common Way of Preparing Tea in Chinese homes
Mooncake gambling is a time-honored local custom to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival.  When the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar comes, the sound of locals throwing dice and cheering for the gambling game is heard everywhere.
Xiamen is not only a grand land gateway to China, but also a gateway to the chinese Culture.
Famous Shopping Area - Zhongshan Lu Pedestrian Street in the day and night.

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