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Monday, September 28, 2015


This is one of the many scenic spots my China relative brought us to for an easy and relaxing evening walk.  I love the serenity, tranquility and cool feeling of this forest with lakes and natural floral and fauna.  You can breathe in all the fresh air to your heart's content.  I am glad he brought us to this place.  A place where tour groups will not visit but very popular with local nature lovers. 

Known as the "Back Garden of Xiamen", the Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park is located in Haicang’s Dongfu Town, only 36 kilometers from the downtown of Xiamen, with a total planned area of 30.8 square kilometers. It is an offshore forest park integrating functions of tourism and sightseeing, leisure, sports, agricultural science and religious culture.

The park, which is a national 4A-class scenic spot, is famous for its numerous trees, strange rocks and pleasant flowers. The park boasts a forest coverage rate of 96.8%. There are more than 1,500 kinds of trees and plants and more than 10 square kilometers of virgin forest in the park. 

You can walk around the lake along the wooden platforms, bridges and steps which is about 3.5 km in distance. Here you get to enjoy fresh, cool breeze while you talk a stroll and slow walk.
I was told that in March, you can get to view the Valley of Magnolia Flowers in the Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park.  Nestled at the foot of the Xiangbi Mountain in the tree-filled forest park, the Valley of Magnolia Flowers, which covers an area of 19,000 square meters, is the largest magnolia flower garden in Xiamen. Flowers will start to bloom as the weather improves. In March, when all the magnolia flowers are in full bloom, the valley will become a sea of flowers. 
There are now multiple varieties of magnolia flowers in the valley. The sea of magnolia flowers, together with other scenic spots in the forest park, will form a spectacular land of idyllic beauty. 
Here there are duck farms and a place for people to come for natural spring waters too.

Tianzhu Lake
Haoyue Lake
Hundred-bamboo Garden
Longmen Temple
Zhenji Temple

How To Get There:
Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park 
Address: No. 1 Tianzhu Mountain Road, Hongtang Village, Dongfu Town, Haicang District, Xiamen 
By Bus - Take bus No.805, get off at Tianzhu Mountain East Gate stop [天竺山东门站]
People coming from Xiamen Island can take a bus to Haicang Fangchan (海沧房产站), Jianhang (海沧建行站) or Haiyulu stop (海裕路站), and then transfer to bus No.805
By Private Car 
Admission: Free [RMB30/per person for touring car]

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