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Saturday, September 12, 2015


Luan Bee Village Houwei, Xiamen is my ancestral village.  I do not know how many generations ago my ancestors have lived in this village.  But I know that my great grand parents were already in Penang Malaysia since the late 1890s to early 1900s.

Anyway, this is my first visit to the village which has transformed from a coastal village to almost a concrete jungle.  The coastal area that my late father used to tell me has been reclaimed and developed.  Do not expect to see the olden kind of houses in the village.  Replacing these old houses are 5-6 storey buildings which were built so close to each other.  I supposed there is no proper planning of new buildings in this area.  Our ancestral house was demolished and at the site a 6 storey apartment has been built.
 At this modern era, there should be proper town planning and apartments should not be built so close to each other.  You can probably touch the walls of another building which is just an arm's length away.  Wondering if ventilation is good and what happens if there is a fire outbreak.  Is it accessible by fire engines?
Take a look at the photos above and you may probably understand what I meant.
However, along the reclaimed coastline, high rise buildings and apartments lined the area.  Night view of the area is spectacular.

This is the oldest landmark of Luan Bee Village, Houwei, Xiamen - Luan Bee Temple.  Was told this temple is already a few hundred years old.  I believe this is the only place that may not change with time.

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