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Monday, November 14, 2011

Taiwan Breakfast Food

During my 2 weeks travel around Taiwan, I noticed that Taiwanese breakfast are rather simple and choices are quite limited. I found the breakfast food a bit oily as they are mostly pan fried or deep fried [cruellers, pancakes, carrot cakes etc].  Correct me if I am wrong but in Malaysia, we have a wider choice of breakfast food.
There are numerous stalls along the narrow street alleys and around the street corners everywhere in the various cities and towns.  Most of them sells buns, spring onion pancakes, sandwiches, soya bean drink, fried cruellers, guotieh [pan fried dumplings], siew long pau. etc.  Compared to Malaysian pricing, breakfast is quite expensive in Taiwan.  I was told that, noodles are not breakfast food in Taiwan.
Common breakfast outlet
Chinese pancake with egg for breakfast 
with soya bean milk
Steamed meat bun for breakfast
However, breakfast served at various hotels that we stayed were commendable with wide range to choose.  They have typical Taiwanese and western breakfast.  Coffee and tea are  also available. 
Breakfast served at Honeydew Hotel, Taichung [just 2 minutes from Taichung Railway Station] was good despite the hotel room for two being quite small,  looks old and shaky bed.  Overall is still acceptable for the price we paid.  Booking made through Agoda.
Breakfast served at  Yo Tong Regency Hotel, Taipei was also tasty, good and unlimited portion.  The hotel is situated along Zhongxiao Road, just a minute walk from the MRT station. Location wise is good and very convenient despite the fact that the hotel is on the 13th floor of a building.
Breakfast for two
In Hualien, the hotel does provide breakfast but it is not served indoors.  You have to go to a franchise morning breakfast outlet for breakfast [they limit the price of breakfast to NT$50.00 per person].
Franchise breakfast outlet in Tainan [similar one in Hualien]
I believe there are several franchise food outlets selling breakfast food.  One of them is 'Good Morning'.  Here are some photos I took on the breakfast food we had.
Breakfast for 2 - Hot Slurpy Noodles,
 tasted good for a cold morning
Another day's breakfast for 2
Yu char koay with soya bean milk [Hualien]
Other common breakfast food that you can find in most of the morning outlets selling breakfast.
Pau with assorted filling with soy bean milk
Taiwanese rice dumpling [slightly different from Penang Bak Chang]
Fried carrot cake
My hubby and I had these [2 bowls of black soya bean milk, 1 chives dumpling, 4 pieces of woh tip and a sandwich] for breakfast at Kaohsiung.  All these costs TWD 105.

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