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Monday, November 21, 2011

Taiwan Old Street - Daxi, Taoyuan Trip 2011

Taoyuan city was our last stop for our Taiwan tour.  We decided to stay for 2 nights since we have to leave for the Airport in the morning. We took the HSR [High Speed Rail] from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan.  The fare is NT$360 one way to Taoyuan.  Very fast. The hotel [Lite Hotel] is at Bade City which is quite a distance from Taoyuan and Zhongli City. Our mistake to book it online which was not as advertised.
This hotel is along Jieshou Road which is a very long road [several kilometres].  We were very disappointed with the hotel's location and room condition [dirty with minimal facilities]. Drinking water is along the corridor.  Room is not cleaned during the duration of stay.   No internet access and room lighting points are without bulbs. Hotel staff are not helpful and well informed.
Taxi fare to the airport was NT$550.
Road arch at Daxi Old Street
We cancelled our intented trip to Hsinchu because of the inconvenience to travel there from our hotel.  Instead we visited Daxi Old Street on the advice of the local people.  Not too bad a place to visit though.   To get there, take a bus to Daxi, get down at Daxi Old Street and explore the place by foot.
The three distinguished bridges over the Tahan Rivulet. Daxi Bridge located at the foot of Zhongzheng Park and across the downstream of Tahan River features the same Baroque style as Daxi Old Street.  Over here, tourists can relive the scene of returning boats in the old days.  Street performers often gather at the entrance of the bridge on holidays.  The place bustles with music and various speciality performances such as the incredible feat of top spinnings.
The three bridges  - Daxi, Wuling and Kanjin
All about Daxi Old Street in pictures.

Chiang Khai Shek Residence and Convention Hall 
at Daxi.
Japanese Old House, Clock Tower, Top Spinning area, Church near Chiang Khai Shek [Zhongzheng] Park.
This big spinning top can really spin
Famous Old Man's braised beancurd. Daxi dried tofu is well-known island wide.  The clear, pure and sweet underground water in this town makes it the best water for making dried tofu here.
This stall has very good business
Assorted braised soya food and eggs
We also visited the morning market at Bade City  [see my postings on Taiwan Morning Markets here] which surprisingly is a big market place full of activities and good food.

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