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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taiwan Morning Markets

During our recent travel to Taiwan, we visited some morning markets in the various cities. It is only at the morning markets that we can see the local people, their activities and food.
Morning market scenes at Hualien City.  The market is at Chong Ching Road, Hualien, a very big morning market.
Arranged variety of vegetables
Fresh bamboo shoots - seasonal item
Seafood stall
Various types of fresh noodles
Assorted salads at Hualien morning market
Bread stall

Common betel nut stall [all over Taiwan]
Morning market scenes at Bade City, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Stewed meat
Boiled and smoked chicken and goose meat


Various fresh seafood at the morning market
Deep fried chicken meat rolls wrapped in beancurd skin
Taiwanese traditional glutinous rice cakes called 'Koo'
Sanxia, Taipei Morning Market, a market with plenty to see and buy.

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