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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hwahsi Street Tourist Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan

Night markets are among Taiwan's most popular tourist spots.  These markets get under way around husk, with vendors offering everything from accessories and clothings to snacks and carnival games.  If you want to try the special delicacies of different areas, a night market is the place to go.
My husband was attracted to this night market when he saw the Braised Meat stalls and numerous stalls in the area.  This night market is famous for its meat stew, eel noodles, shrimp in wine and snake dishes which give the market its English nickname, "Snake Alley".  The first time there, was after dinner, so we made another visit on our return trip to Taipei after we came back from Taichung.  The very purpose is to try the Braised Meat [Pig Trotter]. 
Where is Hwahsi Street Tourist Night Market?  The Hwahsi Street Tourist Night Market is located adjacent to the famous Longshan Temple, a short walking distance away.  Take MRT to Longshan Station and just walk to Longshan Temple and you should be able to see the night market. 
All about Taipei Hwahsi Tourist Night Market in photos.

This is the stall that caught my husband's attention
Wide array of seafood cook to order
Grilled taiwanese sausage
Tips:  When ordering food from different stalls, make sure that all the food can be brought to the table you choose.  We ordered Braised Meat Rice and Boiled White Chicken [different stall].  We were asked to change table because both stalls are not in good terms.

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