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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tze Chiang Night Market, Hualien, Taiwan

In Hualien, we visited Tze Chiang Night Market and Nanbin Night Market.  We only managed to take photos at Tze Chiang Night Market.  Recommended by a very friendly taiwanese lady who was on holiday in Hualien.  She lives in Taipei.
All about Tze Chiang Night Market in pictures.

Tried this tomato stick with Fu Rong and Monia
Stinky Tofu [Spicy type]
Assorted cut fruits
Buy 3 packets free 1 cup fruit juice
BBQ assorted meat on skewers
Game stall
A new friend, Monia from France
At this night market, we were busy tasting the local delicacies with our new friends Monia and Fu Rong [Taipei] and did not take much pictures.
My new friend Fu Rong from Taipei
Later when we went to Nanbin Night Market, it was drizzling and by then not many stalls are operating and we did not take any photos.

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