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Monday, November 21, 2011

Taiwan Old Street - Danshui Taipei

Danshui MRT terminal
Danshui, Taipei is also a lovely place to visit.  Here at Danshui, you can visit the Danshui Old Street for food, watch sunset at Boat's Wharf and visit the historical sights like Hongmao Castle, Fishermen's Wharf, Little White Castle and Red Castle etc.
To get there, take Metro [Red Line] to Danshui Station.  At the exit, hop on to Shuttle Bus Red No. 26 that takes you to the historical sites.  Then take the bus back to Danshui Metro station, walk across the road from the station exit to Danshui Old Street to try the local delicacies and to Boat's Wharf to watch sunset by evening. 
Junction to Danshui Old Street
Danshui Boats' Wharf
Danshui Boats' Wharf
Site to view sunset at Danshui
Sunset at Danshui in October
Red Castle, Danshui
All about Danshui in pictures.  Not many shots taken because we were busy tasting the delicacies and shopping.  
View from Danshui MRT station
Route to Danshui Old Street
Danshui Old Street
Pickled Plums
Handicraft shop - See Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia
Iron egg shop - if you are a Malaysian, don't bring this back.  Customs will confiscate them, not allowed entry to Malaysia

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