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Friday, November 11, 2011

Taiwan Bento Rice Set

Packed rice is very common in Taiwan and found mostly at railway and MRT stations.  It is very convenient to get these bento set when travelling by rail.  They are available on trains, 7-eleven outlets and convenient stalls at the stations.  Price ranges from NT$65 to NT$80 depending on the quantity. 
Set lunch available at foodstalls/shops - NT$65 [including FOC drink and soup]
Takeaway Bento Rice Pack - NT$80
Tastewise is good for a hungry stomach as the food is warm but is quite 'meaty'.  I like the braised egg and pickled vegetables which makes it more appetising.
In Kaoshiung , we are came across a franchise outlet [Pork Rib Rice] selling set lunches and dinner. The prices ranges from NT$65 to NT$125.  It depends on the main dish [pork, chicken, fish, beef or mutton] that you select and 3 types of vegetables.  Cold drink [melon tea orred tea] and hot soup are served free of charge.  The food tastes good and eating environment is cosy and nice.
Bento rice franchise outlet at Tainan
Outlet's cosy interior at Kaoshiung
Delicious choice of set lunch at the franchise outlet
We realised it is franchise outlet when we came across a similar outlet in Tainan.

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