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Monday, November 21, 2011

Taiwan Old Street - Sanxia, Taipei Trip 2011

My husband and I love Sanxia.  Probably because of the new township which is well planned compared to the other areas in Taiwan.  The place looks serene with new apartment blocks and the roads are not as congested.  Some pictures of our road journery to Sanxia.
Transportation wise is well linked.  You can travel to Sanxia from Taipei by MRT.  Take MRT [Blue Line] to Yongning station, then take Shuttle Bus No. 30 to Sanxia Old Street.  From there you can explore the place by foot.
Sanxia Morning Market is around the vicinity of Sanxia Old Street.  Market scenes in pictures.
This man is directing customers to his shop not traffic
Bull's horn crossiant shop
Good quality spring onions, special specie in Taiwan
All about Sanxia Old Street [Minquan Road] in pictures.  Sanxia Old Street - the southern section of Minquan Street in Sanxia - consists of a row of old western-style buildings with a baroque archway gallery of red brick.  Decorations on the buildings consist of intricate wood cravings as well as bronze and stone sculptures, giving the street the sobriquet "Oriental Art Palace".
Notice how slim is this 3 storey building
See the green water pump next to the well
An extraordinary drain cover
Croissants of assorted flavours
Handmade soap shop
Taucheo shop in Sanxia
Assorted pickles and preserved soy bean products
Proprietress of this 'sauce' shop
Really cheap local oranges - they are good
Cheng Chooi Chor Soo Temple, Sanxia [similar diety 'Chor Soo Kong' to that at Snake Temple, Penang, Malaysia].  This temple at Sanxia is very beautiful temple.  See it in pictures here.  
A different 'sheperd' in the temple
Prosperity Bridge, Sanxia.
 A very small 'God of Prosperity' Temple nearby Sanxia market with beautiful interior.
Lovely roof top of a small temple

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