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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tainan, Taiwan Trip 2011

We did not stay at Tainan as planned but instead made a day trip to this city.  We travelled from Kaohsiung in the morning and the train journey was only 30 minutes.  The fare was NT$106. 
Tainan is quite an easy place to explore by foot despite its well planned roads and heavy traffic.  Most of the tourist spots are nearby to each other.  With the guide of the local map, we visited several places such as the Koxinga's Shrine, Confucius Temple, Great South Gate, Chihkan Tower and Matsu Temple.  We were also lucky to witness a street procession that adjourned at the Matsu Temple for prayers.
Koxinga Shrine, Tainan.  I loved this place because it is well organized layout with a beautiful and well kept garden and a pond.  The place has a serene atmosphere.
Koxinga Statue outside the Shrine
Koxinga's Shrine Garden
Confucius Temple, Tainan
Food stalls opposite Confucius temple
Great South Gate, Tainan
Chihkan Towers, Tainan. We did not get to see the inside because you have to enter with a ticket.

Matsu Temple, Tainan
Street procession heading to Matsu Temple
Grand praying ceremony going on at Matsu temple
Matsu 'Museum'.  All these items belong to Matsu.
Another temple in Tainan town
Taiwanese local lunch for two
I do not understand, for the same price you get a bigger portion for fried rice vermicelli [beehoon] than blanched noodles [see above pictures]. After lunch around the vicinity of Chihkan Tower, we took a shuttle bus to Anping District, Tainan.  There are several interesting tourist spots here.  All about Anping in pictures.
Matsu temple, Anping District
Anping Fort
Numerous food and commodities stall around Anping Fort
Popular foodstalls around Anping Fort
Famous coffin bread
Famous prawn rolls
Anping town with many shops selling local taiwanese delicacies.  No problem to move around the area with many interesting things to see and food to savour.
Anping town street scenes
Goddess of Mercy temple, Anping

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