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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hualien, Taiwan Trip 2011

Hualien is located on eastern side of Taiwan and is also known as a 'pure land' of tourism with high mountains,a rift valley, cliffs, sea and river terraces, rivers, waterfalls, farms, hot springs and aboringinal cultures.  It is also home of Taiwan's largest tribe of indigenous people, the Amis.
All about Hualien in pictures.
Farmland along the eastern stretch of Taiwan

River  and sea view along eastern Taiwan
Scenes of journey by train from Taipei to Hualien

Hualien Railway Station
One of the tribal sculptures along Hualien road to Taroko
Famous Mochi outlet [11 outlets] in Hualien
Pastry and cake shop in Hualien
Betel nut stall in Hualien [common in Taiwan]

Matzu temple, Hualien
  God of the moon, Matzu temple, Hualien
God of the Sun, Matzu temple, Hualien
Taroko National Park is internationally known as one of the world's scenic wonders and well renowned land of majestic beauty.  It features breathtaking marble walled gorge scenery and a winding Liwu River running through a deep gorge.   It is advisable to follow a day tour package for visit to Taroko National Park.  Among the tourist spots in the gorge are Swallows' Grottos, Eternal Spring Shrine, Bridge of motherly devotion [Cihmu Bridge], Tunnel of Nine Turns, Buluowan and the scenic town of Tienhsiang.
Swallow Caves is the name for a steep wall with thousands of small pockets where swallows used to nest.  At the Tunnel of Nine Turns, the highway passes a series of tunnels at the narrowest stretch of the gorge where one can marvel at truly amazing geological features.
Taroko National Park to Tiansang in pictures.
Swallow's nest cave and Tunnel of nine turns are here
Fruity tea eggs
Eternal Spring Gorge [Changchun Temple] - This picturesque little temple memorialises all those who lost their lives nb the construction of the Central Cross Island Highway. It is a chinese style buliding lnked, besides it is a stream that plummets into the river valley below.
Buluowan Recreation Area was once inhabitated be the indigineous [Taroko] people, and the name 'Echo'In ther languaghe
Chihsingtan [Beach Area] - Hualien seaside
The 'Pine Garden' - Hualien was a recreational retreat for ranking military officials during the Japanese rule.
The Pine Garden Entrance and seaview
View of Meilun Creek estuary, Hualien harbour and the Pacific ocean
Taiwan Top 100 Historic Charms
Various Hualien food outlets.
Here are the prices of the various food of this shop
This is good and price very reasonable
Famous dumpling shops which have been patronised by the previous Taiwan President Chiang Ching Kuo.  The dumplings taste good and reasonably priced.
Boiled chicken - not fresh
A very dirty looking bowl used to serve food - horrible
A very big portion for two
The above pictures showed our dinner at Fu Sheng Restaurant, Hualien.  Very disappointed with the food, service and price of food.  The most expensive dinner we had during our Taiwan trip.  Costs more than NT$1000 [for 2 persons].  We realised the place is also unhygenic.

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