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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Raohe Night Market, Taipei

During my recent travel to Taiwan with my hubby, we visited many night markets.  Most of the night markets are quite similar in nature.  The difference perhaps is the popularity among tourists or locals.
I will be posting the photos which we took at the various night markets that we have visited to share with my readers.
In Taipei, we visited Raohe Night Market and Taipei Hwahsi Street Tourist Night Market.  We did not visit the Shihlin Night Market on advice by a local friend.  This is popular among tourists.
Where is Raohe Night Market?  At Raohe Street near Songshan Railway Station, is close to old Songshan  Ciyou Temple, Taipei.
How to get there?  Take Metro to Taipei City Hall and take a bus or have to walk a distance to Raohe Street.
All about Raohe Night Market in photos.  One of the oldest night markets in Taipei. A little congested with stalls lined up in the centre of the road.  Thus, you have to be walking along one side with stalls and the other side are shops.  Eating place very crowded and small.  This night market is famous for traditional snacks such as medicinal ribs and fruit ices as well as handicraft products.
Entrance to Raohe Night Market
Sweet soup 'Tong Sui' stall
Assorted BBQ stuff
Egg pancake with red bean paste filling [quite popular food]/
Rice dumpling stall
Almond drink with chinese cruellers
Spring roll with peanut and ice cream filling
Deep fried sweet potato and carrot cakes

Many food stalls are run by young cooks

Pepper biscuits [very popular with long queue] 
Deep fried crabs/prawns with pepper/salt

Ciyou Temple near Raohe night market
What's this? Tomato kebabs glazed with sweet syrup
Grilled corn with assorted flavours
Shaved ice with assorted fruits [mango, kiwi, strawberry]
Popular sweet dessert [cold or warm with lime juice]
Crispy crackers [corn or rice?]
Custard Apple - Look at the size [at least 1/2 kg]
Stewed fried pork ribs soup with rice vermicelli
Similar to above [popular food in Taiwan]
Spring roll with shaved peanut and ice cream
Taiwanese fried oysters with egg
The popular pepper biscuit stall

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