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Sunday, April 06, 2014

CHENG BENG 2014 [Qing Ming Festival]

The first time in more than 2 decades, Cheng Beng without my late youngest brother Roddy.  Every year he had been the one able to remember and locate our ancestors' graves that are at least over 2 decades to a century old.  These graves are located at different cemeteries in Penang all done in one day.  This year we had to do it in 2 days as we have to visit my Papa's grave and also Roddy's grave.  The other day is to visit our ancestors's graves.
Every year, Roddy was the one we will lead us all for Qing Ming as he was the one who would usually be able to find them at those 'old' cemeteries.
Without him this year, we have to pray hard that these ancestors' graves can be easily found.  Thank God, our prayers were answered as we managed to locate them quite easily, perhaps, Roddy was leading us without out knowledge.
The family visited my Papa's and Roddy's graves located at Relau Sepuluh Kongsi Cemetery on April 5.
My Late Papa's grave

My Late Youngest Brother, Roddy's Grave

The following day April 6, the family members visited our ancestors' graves at the various cemeteries.  Below are the photos of the graves that we took and posted here for future reference just in case we are unable to find them in future.
Penang Paya Terubong United Hokkien Cemetery
My Grandparents' Grave

My Grandparents' Grave 2015 
after repainting of the wordings

My late youngest brother, Roddy's
 God Father's Grave

Penang Batu Gantong United Hokkien Cemetery
- My Great Grand Uncles' and Aunties' Grave
Lim Suan Neoh wife of Ong Kean Huat
located a few row before husband's grave

Ong Kean Huat, husband of Lim Suan Neoh
 located a few rows behind his wife's grave,
 background is Rifle Range flats
My Great Grand Uncle's grave beside Batu Gantong Crematorium
Ong Hock Chye's grave [his children all in China]
Another Great Grand Uncle's grave behind Batu Gantong Crematorium

Grave of Khoo Kay Hean's maternal Grandfather
Next year we must remember  to bring some paint to colour the Chinese characters as they have faded,
otherwise we may not be able to recognise these graves
Penang Mt Erskine United Hokkien Cemetery 
- My Great Grandparents', Great Grand Uncles' and Aunties' Graves

Great Grandparents's Graves
My Papa's God mum's grave [Phuan Tee]

My Great, Great Grandmother Madam Lee [my father's great grandmother who came from China], grave located at Mt Erksine
overlooking the Indian Temple beside the cemetery

Grave identified by the Chinese characters
'Luan Bee' our family name

Another Great, great Grandmother Ooi Kuan Neoh [my late father's 'huan peng' great grandmother], grave located at Mt Erksine cementery
overlooking Cheah's Cemetery
Penang Ang Hock Si Temple Columbarium, Perak Road 
My late Papa's employee [a bachelor], his ashes were kept 
at the columbarium here since 19-1-1983

All in all, each year come Cheng Beng festival, we the descendants have to visit 14 graves to pay respects and offer prayers to our ancestors.

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