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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Congratulations to Ee Hung

One good news since Christmas 2013.  To my late brother, Roddy Lay Keong, your daughter has not disappoint you.  She has scored all As in her SPM examination.  I think you would know this in Heaven and must smiling all this while.  I remembered whenever she comes up top in her studies you will ring me to tell me the good news.  We are all very proud of her achievements and happy with her results.  Of course, we are sad at the same time that you are no longer around to enjoy this happy moment that you have been looking forward to all these years.  Here is Ee Hung's message in the papers to you and her results.

My dear brother, be rest assured that my hubby and myself as her god parents will undertake to look into her study needs on your behalf.   We will ensure that she has all our support in whatever ways we can for her in this aspect.  We will also assist in whatever we can to look after your youngest daughter and wife.  I know you would like us to do the best for them like what you would do.  We know it isn't the same but we will do our best.


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