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Monday, March 17, 2014

Roddy Lay Keong's Grave [Siah Thor]

Time flies, Roddy left us nearing to 3 months since Christmas 2013.  Today, construction of his tombstone and grave is fully completed.  A praying service is held today with the guidance of a Feng Shui master to mark the completion of my late brother's 'new home'.

The family members comprising of his wife, daughters, mother, brothers and sisters, mother in-law, sisters in-law and nephews attended the ceremony.  Even his classmates and friends also turned up to witness the ceremony and offered prayers to him.

Although we miss him and still grieving the loss of our departed loved one, we are happy that we have done all that we can for him.  May he rest in peace while the good memories of him remain with us forever and ever.

More photos of the prayer service

Burning of Paper Money and his Clothings

His friends Paying Respect

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