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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Zhong Night Market, Taichung, Taiwan

Where is I Zhong Night Market [Yizhong Night Market] ?  I Zhong night market is at I Zhong Business Street near Sanmin Road Sec. 2 and Taiping Road.
This night market seems to be packed with youngsters which we believed could be because of the colleges and university around the area.  Plenty of fried foods, Japanese and local Taiwanese snacks and drinks.
We did not take photos of the Zhonghua Night Market because we were there too early and most of the stalls are not set for business.  We were too hungry and also forgotten to take some photos of the dinner we had at an economy food stall.  We had 6 dishes with 2 bowls of rice.  The price comes to NT$125.  Then we adjourned to the Fried Oyster stall and ordered a plate [NT$50].  Frankly speaking, we prefer our Malaysian [Penang] Fried Oyster to this.
Taiwanese Fried Oysters [Oh Chien]
We did not visit the famous Fengchia tourist night market at Fengchia as it is quite a distance from the hotel.  Moreover, we found most of the night markets have about the same type of foods and other commodities stalls. 

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