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Monday, June 22, 2015


Penang Hill is located 833 metres above sea level at Air Itam, Penang. Penang Hill is so near my home, yet it was years ago that I last visited this Premier Nature Destination of Penang. Probably, it was because of the constant break down of the train service or parking problems or the weather isn’t that cool anymore.

Anyway, whatever the excuses are, I made a trip up the hill recently just to have a look see again and to enjoy the concession rate in the early morning [before 8.00 am] which is only Ringgit 3.00 for a to and fro trip. Normal rate for locals is Ringgit 10.00. We find the concession rate very attractive even though parking fee is Ringgit 2.00 for 1 hour. One hour isn’t enough to see Penang Hill.
The ticketing office, entrance to the train platform and everything at the foothill of Penang Hill Railway have improved much compared to the past. It is more user- friendly and looks good at dawn. The view is serene and beautiful with the soft lights. We like it very much with one look at it when we arrived. We chose a working day to visit Penang Hill to avoid the crowd. Apart from the workers, we were the only 3 visitors in the coach. The journey was perfect, comfortable and much faster compared to the ‘old’ train.

Upon reaching the top, we met with a group of tourists whom I think must have gone up earlier before us. A senior lady told us that there isn’t much to see except for the cool breeze. We started strolling up the pathway, catching up with the view on the right side. We managed to see the sun rising, enjoyed the’ healthily’ growing flowers and ferns. There are many potted flower plants along the pathway probably because there has been a function held the day before as there were numerous makeshift tents around.
Anyway, we didn’t expect to see much development or wanted much development. Honestly, I prefer there aren’t too much development but just well kept with basic amenities available for visitors and beautiful natural floral and fauna to be enjoyed.

Of course, there has been some changes right at the top where the big canon is. I can’t remember that there was small mosque and an Indian temple here. I remembered it was quite ‘barren’ then. We strolled around the place, enjoying the flowers and cool breeze. 

We visited Bellevue Hotel. This hotel has been refurbished and without dining at the restaurant, you would need to pay Ringgit 3.00 to have a panoramic view of the island from its viewing platform . There is a buggy tour service outside the hotel for Ringgit 25.00 - 30.00 for a 25 minutes ride around the area.  
Here, you also get to view various species of ginger flowers.

All in all, we had an enjoyable morning trip up the hill and promised ourselves to comeback in the future to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air.
Remember to visit Penang Hill if you are in Penang cos’ there is a sign up here that states ‘You have never been to Penang if you have not visited Penang Hill’.

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