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Friday, September 25, 2015


Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden was built especially for the 6th China International Garden & Flowers Exposition, with a planned area of 6.67 square kilometers and the main garden composed of 5 islands, being the world’s largest aquatic horticulture expo garden [world’s largest park on the sea] with the most complete garden genres.
It is situated on Zhongzhou Island, Jimei, Xiamen and the Expo was opened from 23 September 2007 to March 2008. It was said to have 24 cities from abroad and 44 Chinese cities participated to show their gardens and flowers in this Expo.
Currently, the park/garden is open to public with an admission fee of RMB60. However, there are some concession fees for different age groups.
My  visit to the park/garden in September 2015 was quite disappointing as the area was not well  kept  or maintained and in deplorable condition even though you need to pay a fee to visit this place.

However, it is now a popular place for the locals to enjoy their morning and evening walks and exercises.  Be prepared to spend several hours to walk through this park.
How To get There:
Take bus No.791, 892, 906, 941 and Xia 94 and then get off at the Yuanboyuan station or by private car

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