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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Changhua, Taiwan Trip 2011

Over twenty years ago, during my first visit to here, Changhua is just a small town but this time around it is totally different with buildings everywhere.  Too much development going on all over Taiwan except Hualien, I think.  However, Changhua is a unique city worthy of its historical humanities, coast line, pastoral scene and special local snacks worthy to explore.
At Changhua, we visited the Baguashan and walk around the part of the city.  We tried the famous meatballs 'Changhua Bakwan'.
Bagua Mountain Scenic Area - Bagua Mountain is the most representative landscape and landmark in Changhua.  The famous Buddha Statue is of 22 meters in height and was completed in 1961.   After the statue renovation, conducted by the county government in later years, light facility was added to shine upon the statue and the area, giving the statue a new look.

When you climb up to the Buddha statue area in Bagua Mountain, you can see the view of the city from the distance and the beautiful water show from the 'Nine Dragons Pond'.

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