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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Loss of My Youngest Brother, Roddy [25-12-2013]

Christmas Day will never be a joyful day to us in future as it will bring back sad memories of this day when the family lost a beloved relative who was related to us as a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and cousins, etc.  This dear brother, Roddy left us so suddenly in a road mishap on Christmas morning at 6.20am without having a chance to bid 'Goodbye'.  Just a minor road mishap without involving others and without anyone knowing exactly what had happened, yet it can caused a loss of a previous life and bringing so much pain to the family.  We had never expect such an incident will happen to him - a happy and jovial person who still have much to do for all.   It's really unacceptable to all especially his wife and children and my aged mother.  

A post mortem was conducted for his head injury confirming the cause of his death but a later discussion with a cardiologist brought up a possibility that he could have suffered a heart attack that resulted in his lost of control on his motorcycle and fall.  However, the post-mortem did not include a check of his heart.
He had a grand funeral and burial with a huge turnout of friends and relatives, that proved that he was very much loved and lived by all who knew him. Whatever it is, his sudden passing is a great loss to all of us and it is devastating to the family.   My dear brother, we all miss you so much.
Take a look at his photos, nobody would expect he had left this world at the age of 46.  

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