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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Since my youngest brother Roddy's passing on Christmas Day 2013, I have not visited the makeshift temple during the Hungry Ghost Festival celebrations.  I have avoided going there as it brings back memories of my lively brother who was actively involved with the celebration for years at the temple.
My family prefers to observe the festival and celebration in our family home where we have an altar to worship the King of Hades.
For decades, we have made similar offerings at home and also at the temple.  But ever since  Roddy's passing, my mom and us prefer to worship and make offerings to the King of Hades at home.
Below are some pictures of the offerings we made to King of Hades this year.
 King of Hades altar is the one on the right hand corner
Steamboat Prepared at Home

We hope to carry on with this ritual annually on a bigger scale at home after all it is the same deity that we are worshipping.

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