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Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 Nine Emperor Gods Festival and Food

The makeshift temple of Nine Emperor Gods at Lip Sin Garden, Penang was full of activities with ample food being sold.
The finale of the festival, the temple and area were packed with activities and people.  Heavy and regular downpours during this time was expected but on the final night itself, the rain stopped and the weather was cool and good.
Nine Emperor Gods Festival is an annual event whereby devotees will observe a 9-10 days vegetarian diet.  
During this time, for convenience, many devotees observing vegetarian diet will choose to eat out at the makeshift food stalls.  Most of the food on sale looks good and to many they do taste good too.  But, this year with food prices going up especially for soy products, the vendors took opportunity to increase their  food prices too.   Many have complained that the food were too expensive for the food variety and portion .  An example quoted, a plate of rice with 2 vegetables [not mock food] costs RM4.50 and a plate of rice with 3 vegetables [not mock food] costs RM5-6.  There is basically no basis at all on how the price is calculated.
Every year, I thought I shall try out these vegetarian delicacies at the stalls but usually after the first meal there, I would change my mind and cook my own. The reasons are that I'm not happy with the food portion and prices and sometimes the hygiene factor.
These were the various food that I cooked for my family and also shared with my neighbours for this year's festival.   Not that difficult to prepare and economically worthy to try cooking them yourself.

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