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Friday, November 07, 2014

Thailand Trip Itinerary 2014 - Part 5 Lamphun

Day 6 - Weather was good, so we made a trip to Lamphun on our rented bike.  Something I wouldn't do back home.  It's scary for me to more around in motorbike.
Before heading for Lamphun in the morning, we went back to WSK Noodle Shop for breakfast since it is situated along the same route to Lamphun.
This is a fairly small city. Buses come from Chiangmai and Lampang. There are no tuk-tuks at all. You either walk, take a samlor, or a motorcycle taxi if you do not have your own transport. It is not all that far to walk anywhere. Click here to see more on Lamphun
Here we visited several worth seeing sights like:
1.  Wat Phra Kong Ruesi

2.  Wat Phrathat Haripunchai

3.  Queen Cham Dhevi Monument

This takes about the whole morning.  We left Lamphun and visited 
4.  Wiang Khum Kham Ancient Ruins [Lost Kingdom].  This is an ancient city of Chiangmai which is about 3 km south of south-eastern Chiangmai.  Noticeable landmark is an 7-eleven outlet along the Chiangmai-Lamphun Road.  
There are more than 20 ruins of various Wats here.  You can walk around the main ones and go on horse carts to see some others.  But it is impossible to see all of them.
We only see Wat Chang Ton, Wat E Kang and Wat That Noi. Spent about an hour here.
Reached Chiangmai after lunch around 3.00 pm.  Suggest to bring some snacks to Lamphun cos' there aren't popular food outlets to go.
Had our late lunch at Jelang Fish Noodle Shop located at Arak Road, Suan Dok Gate.  This eatery is clean, has an air-conditioned and non air-conditioned sitting area with ample parking space.  Opens from 8.00 am to 10.00pm.  There is a wide range of dishes, noodles, rice and desserts to choose from the menu.  Prices are reasonable and service is good too.
Menu of Jelang Fish Ball Noodle Shop

Click here to see visit to Lamphun
Cick here to see Wat Phra Kong Ruesi, Lamphun
Click here to see Wat Phrathat Haripunchai, Lamphun
Click here to see Chiangmai Food

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