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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Chiangmai - Tripanet Market

Tripanet Market
Situated at the south of Old City, end corner of Chiangmai Gate and Thapae Gate [Bamrung Buri Road and Moon Muang Road. Click here for Map

- This is a daytime wet market is not really a big one but easy to move around with lots of local food ranging from the grilled herb meat sausages to local Thai desserts and fresh food ingredients, groceries, seafood, meats, clothings and praying items.

Night time, this place have numerous food stalls outside the market place along Bamrung Buri Road [Chiangmai Gate].
Since it is Loy Krathong festival, there are stalls selling beautifully made krathongs of various sizes, shapes with various kinds of flowers. Nice to look at, every piece looks nice and unique on its own.

Coming to the stalls selling prepared food, I wasn't gutsy enough to try some since I wasn't sure what ingredients are inside the big basins of food. Moreover, my nostrils seem to shy away from the smell of it.
But I specially like the crispy fried pork pieces which is really crispy.

My hubby bought a portion of black glutinous rice Khao Ngiaw which comes with a choice of accompaniment of fried grated coconut in gula melaka or palm sugar egg custard. He chose the later for his Khao Ngiaw which only costs 10THB. The rice is soft and moist, quite good with the custard but I find it too sweet for my taste-buds especially in the morning.
Instead of the trying the local dishes, we opted for pork congee and flat rice noodles [koay chiap] at a shop just outside the wet market. Seems that Thais called their porridge 'chok' too like the Chinese.
The congee and noodles cost 30THB per bowl. Rather tasty but again the soup is a bit on the sweet side and you may need to add some fish sauce for savoury taste.
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