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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Chiangmai Wats - Wat Kuan Kama [Horse Temple]

Located along Sriphoom Road at Chang Phuak Gate [North Gate] area divided with Wat Monthien by the popular Khao Soi Noodles stall.
If you walk along Sriphoom Road from Wat Chiang Man, you will come to this Wat within a few minutes walk.  You can also get there on rented motorbike, cycling or go with a Tuk-tuk or the Red Song Thaew.  Should be about 20 Bahts from wherever you are in Chiangmai Old City.
Wat Monthien is just after the egg noodle stall. It's impossible to miss the odd wall surrounded by golden horse statues surrounding this Wat.  While you sit at the stall enjoying your Khao Soi, you can see several golden horse statues along the concrete fencing.  There are about 50 Statues in all run the entire length of the fence and vary quite a bit in size and designs. 
On the inside of the wall are statues of different animals for the Symbols of Everybody which are similar to the zodiac symbols for each year in the Chinese calendar such as the rat, cow and snake to name a few. This Temple is not the Golden Horse Monastery near Chiang Rai which houses Monks that study Muay Thai for defense.

Reference: Big Boy

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