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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Chiangmai - Warorot Market

Warorot Market 
Located at the eastern side of Old City between Chang Moi Road and Thapae Road before Ping River. 2 minutes stroll north of Night Bazaar. It's Chiangmai Chinatown area.  Opens from early morning till night.  Buy anything and everything here.  This is a favourite places for locals to shop.  Prices of food and other items are very reasonable.  Click here for Map
Had our lunch here at the food court at the basement which sells local Thai food like Khao Soi, Khanoom Jeen, Thai Laksa, Braised Meat Rice, economy fried beehoon, Thai Chicken Rice, economy Thai rice etc.
There are stalls selling items made by tribal people and clothings. There are plenty of stalls inside and surrounding the market selling groceries, dried food stuffs, fruits, flowers, fried chicken, clothings and shoes etc.
Moving around is quite a hassle especially when it is raining.  The place is full of activity, congested with people and traffic maybe because it is festival time.
We had the Thai local economy food.  A plate of rice with a meat dish costs 25THB and you can help yourself with an array of fresh beansprouts, shredded cabbage, pickled mustard leaves, blanched long beans and beansprouts. I specially like the kiam chye.  As usual, sugar, chilli flakes, fish sauce and pickled chillies/chilli sauce are available for you to add on.  Two plates of it only cost 50THB.  You can have green or red pork curry with the rice.
Outside at the stalls, we found fresh strawberries very cheap ranging from 130 to 180THB per 500 gm packet.  These strawberries are fresh and sweet. You can test before buying. The dried ones cost 100 to 150THB for 300 gm.  We bought one for 90THB after bargaining.  They were good, not too sweet.
Inside the market, there is a stall selling various kinds of bags.  I bought a coin bag for only 10THB and a bigger one for only 20THB.  Reasonably cheap and you have a wide choice.

Warorot Market at Night

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