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Friday, November 07, 2014

Chiangmai - Lamphun Part 1 [Wat Phra Khong Ruesi]

Lamphun is a city in the Northern River Valleys of Northern Thailand. 
This is a fairly small city. Buses come from Chiangmai and Lampang. The fare is about 50THB.
There are no tuk-tuks at all. You either walk, take a samlor, or a motorcycle, a taxi if you do not have your own transport. It is not all that far to walk anywhere.

Lamphun is the oldest province of the North of Thailand, originally called “Nakhon Hariphunchai” or Haripunjaya. In 657, Ruesi Wasuthep gathered the Mengkhabut clansmen, who were of Mon extraction to build the city between two rivers: the Ping and Kuang. When the settlement was finished, the Ruesi or hermit asked the daughter of the Lawo City’s king named “Chammathewi” to rule the city. 
Later, this city was ruled by kings from many dynasties. Until in the Thon Buri period, Chao Kawila was supported by King Taksin the Great in expelling the Burmese troops and was conferred the position of the ruler of Chiang Mai City while his brother, Chao Kham Fan was designated to rule Lamphun City. After that, in the early Rattanakosin period, Lamphun was a colonial city of Siam governed by many city rulers. However, after the political revolution in 1932, the position of city ruler was abolished while Major General Chao Chakkham Khachonsak was the last governor.
Today, Lamphun still retain its enchanting ambience of a small but old community. It is some 670 kilometres from Bangkok and only 26 kilometres from Chiang Mai. Its attractions include an Ancient sites and relics as well as forests, mountains and delightful lakes.
Lamphun is the most famous producer of longans. The most outstanding landmark of Lamphun is the 2 rows of magnificient Alatus trees that the the Route 106 [Chiangmai - Lamphun] road.

Wat Phra Khong Ruesi or Wat Anantharam

Located in Tambon Nai Mueang. The temple was built when Phranang Chammathewi ruled Hariphunchai City. Phra Khong is regarded as a sacred school of amulets which people in Lamphun pay much respect to.  Well-known for Phra Khong, one of the most highly respected Buddha image amulets.

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