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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chiangmai Temples and Mansion

Siew Teik Temple
Location - Anusarn Market Area
Siew Teik Temple which is still new and upgrading work in progress.  I believe it will become a nice temple and place of worship in future.  Nothing much is written about this temple.
Pung Tao Gong Ancestral Temple
Location - right across the River Ping near the Flower Market and Stamp Museum
Pung Tao Gong Ancestral Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Chiangmai. The original main building is believed to be built in 1876, however due to it being beyond repair, the present structure was built to replace the ancient temple.
In the honour of the 700th anniversary of Chiangmai as a city in 1998, it was decided by members of the Chinese community to be rebuilt It. The new structure strictly follows the principles of Feng Shui, using traditional Chinese architecture. Brightly colored arches lead the way to the temple. The columns and pagodas are richly decorated. Here the floor is covered with tiles depicting dragons and other creatures from Chinese mythology. 
It is a functioning place of worship and the overpowering smell of incense permeates the air. The Pung Tao Gong Temple has a unique ambience compared to the other Thai temples in Chiangmai.
Two shop buildings in front of the temple were demolished to allow the better flow of Chi or life force and to get a better view of the River Ping. 
The temple is right across the road from The Ping River at the flower market. It is a totally different look than normal Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai so well worth a wander if your in the flower market.
150 Years' Old Teak Mansion 
Located in Anusarn Area near the River Ping.

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