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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thailand Trip Itinerary 2014 - Part 13 Or Tor Kor, Lumphini Park Bangkok

Day 15 – Or Tor Kor Market and Lumphini Park, Bangkok
We went to Pratunam Morning Market late. When we reached there at 9.00am, the make shift stalls have started to close and there isn’t much to see.

We left for Or Tor Kor Market. To get there, take MRT to Kamphaeng Phet Station. The market is just at the Station’s Exit 3. Once you get off the escalator from the train, you will see Or Tor Kor Market on the right.
There are lots of food stalls especially the local Thai food, fruit stalls, dessert and drinks stalls, grocery stalls and clothings etc.

Food here is not that cheap or good [the ones we tried] and all are self service. You have to pack your food from the stalls and find a place [sitting area] to eat. Place is not really clean as commented and service isn’t good.
I wouldn’t recommend this place for tourists especially when you know little about local Thai food.
We have 4 dishes [each costs about 50THB] and rice for 2 persons. The meal costs 210THB excluding drinks.  However, I like the fresh whole coconut which is reasonably priced at 30THB.
After lunch, we left for Hua  Lamphong Railway Station to purchase our train tickets to Hatyai for the next day.
Special Express Train 37 Schedule – departs Bangkok at 3.10 pm and arrives Hatyai at 7.20 am the next day. Train fare is 1740THB for Upper and Lower sleeping berth. You can pay by credit card.
Clock Tower, Lumphini Park
In the late afternoon, we visited Lumphini Park for a walk but the sky was dark by 6.00pm. Visit here earlier before the sky gets dark if you are in Bangkok at the end of the year.
The first thing you see as you enter from the Lumphini Gate is the Clock Tower.  Was told there are 4 gates to Lumphini Park.   We got out at King Rama VI Statue Gate.
Chinese Style Pavilion, Lumphini Park

The beautiful lake and fountain at Lumphini Park
Around this time, there are many people who comes to the park for evening exercises and aerobics too.
Brightly Lighted High Rise Buildings surrounding the park that looks nice at night
There are 2 small shrines in the park
The park is a nice place to have a stroll. Entrance is free.  I would love to come back to this park in future. 
The popular Soi Polo Fried Chicken is along Wittayu Road [opposite one side of the Park].
The day is free and easy as we prepare to leave Bangkok for Hatyai the next day.
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