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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thailand Trip Itinerary 2014 - Part 9 Chiangmai to Bangkok

Day 10 and 11 - Trip to Bangkok from Chiangmai
Originally planned to visit Sukhothai from Chiangmai but after discovering that Sukhothai is only 1 and 1/2 hours van journey from Victory Monument, Bangkok, we changed our plan.  Choice of hotels, food and places to visit in the old capital of Thailand are rather limited.  It is good decision to travel to Sukhothai from Bangkok as the fare is only 60THB per trip.
Victory Monument, Bangkok
Managed to get the afternoon train that departs Chiangmai at 4.00 pm and arriving at Bangkok at 7.00 am the next day.
Fare for 2 persons [upper and lower berth] is 1672THB.  You can get the tickets at San Kampeang Railway Station and payment can be made by credit card.  You are required to produce your passport when buying the tickets.
To check the train schedule, you can get them from the tourist information counter at the railway station.  There are several trains leaving Chiangmai for Bangkok daily.  
Since train leaves Chiangmai at 4.00 pm, we have a morning to roam around the city before returning the rented motorbike.  The hotel also allowed us a late check out at 2.00 pm.
We had early breakfast at hotel [Pachkit House] which was good Western breakfast with toast, omelette, ham, sausages and lots of fresh salad and a free flow of hot beverages that is served between 7.30 am to 10.00 am daily.  Fresh salad is most welcome  because we discovered that cost of vegetables and fruits are more costlier than meat/chicken dishes in Chiangmai.

Went on motorbike to Chang Puak morning market which is located outside the Chang Puak Gate.  Nothing much to see or buy here as a tourist.  I supposed this market caters to the locals [Click here to see map].
Went around Chang Moi Road to River Ping area and visited 2 Chinese temples
- Siew Teik Temple which is still new and upgrading work in progress.  I believe it will become a nice temple and place of worship in future.

- Pung Tao Gong Ancestral Temple [Thor Thee Kong Mah Temple].  Although this is a small temple, the outside and interior of the temple has fine and intricate designs of dragons on its pillars, tiger scriptures on the walls.  A temple worth looking at if you like visiting Taoist temples.

We also visited the 150 years' Old Teak Mansion, Anusarn Area near the Iron Bridge.  If driving around, make sure you check the roads because most of the roads in the area are one way streets and you may end up going a long way once you go into the wrong turning.

Back to Chiangmai Old City to get ready for check out, we managed to visit Wat Jet Lin [Click here to see map]

On the way back to hotel at Arak Road, we had lunch at SP Roast Chicken outlet.  This food outlet serves roast chicken and more Northern Thai/Isaan cuisine.  It is along the road next to Wat Phrasingh, the road that leads to Arak Road towards Suan Dok Gate.  From Wat Phrasingh, you can make the turning if you see The Oasis Spa at the corner of the road.

We had the SP Roast Chicken [1/2 a chicken], a plate of Som Tam [green papaya salad], Gradoog Moo [Tom Yam Pork Ribs] with rice and drinks.  The meal for 2 costs 205THB which is quite reasonable.  The food is tasty and the eatery is clean.  But my hubby says the food is not authentic and believe that there is a better SP Roast Chicken outlet.
Left hotel for railway station at 2.00 pm by red song taew which charges 80THB.


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  2. Hi Ellen, Chiangmai is a good place to visit. Free, easy and great place for budget travellers.