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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chiangmai Food - What to Eat Street Food?

Chiangmai has plenty of street food, morning or night.  These are several that we have tried and tasted which are worthy to  look up and try if you are in Chiangmai.
Cowgirl's Pig Trotter Rice
Maninopharat Road Street Food Area
Chang Puak Gate

[the stall is called Cowgirl cos' the lady manning the stall wears a cowboy hat]
One of our dinner during our Chiangmai trip at the popular Cowgirl's Pig Trotter Rice stall which is at Chang Puak Gate, along Maninoppharat Road where there are lots of street food at night.  Getting there is easy with the Tuk-Tuk or Song Taew for 20 THB per person or by foot if you are staying nearby Chang Puak Gate.

The dinner here is very reasonably price.  We had 2 plates of rice with the braised meat and 1/2 a duck egg, 2 plates plain rice, 1 plate of braised pig trotters and 1 bottle of drinking water that comes with 2 cups of ice cubes with lots of pickled mustard leaves [as much as you like].  This meal costs only 175 THB which is very cheap and it tasted good. 

I like the shredded pickled mustard leaves which is very crunchy, not too salty, sourish or sweet.  This stall is worth trying but go early around 6 pm to avoid long queue.

Khao Ngiaw, Congee, Koay Chiap, Grilled Herb Sausage and Others at Tripanet Market

Sunday Night Walking Street Food and Other Items on Sale at Thapae Gate

Chiangmai University Street Food


Khanoon Jeem and other food at Warorot Night Market

These are some of the street food and night markets in Chiangmai.  Bare in mind there are numerous others in the city which is impossible to cover within the short period here.

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