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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Already many years since I last visited other parts of Perak except Taiping.  Every year without fail, I would visit Taiping, the town where my relatives reside but not the other towns in Perak.
Out of the blue, I joined my Taichi group for a day trip to Ipoh and this Trong Leisure Duck Farm was one of the few places which we visited.

This is my first visit here, reminds me of my younger days where my grandma and mom would rear ducks from cute little ducklings around the compound of our house.  I remembered we will collect leftover food from economy food stalls to feed these ducklings.  Oh, those were the days and non-existent now.  So a visit to this duck farm does bring back some childhood memories of ducklings and ducks.

Below are some information about Ducks

There is an admission fee to visit the farm but if you follow a group trip, it is all taken care off by the organiser.

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