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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


This is the temple of Tai Shang Lao Zun  [aka Khoon Loon Temple, Taiping] where a grand celebration of the birthday of the 'Soo Kong' [this is how we addressed Tai Shang Lao Zun when offering prayers] is held annually on the 1st day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar.  One of the pioneers of the temple was my uncle Loh Kim Aun [my mom's 3rd brother in-law].  I remembered during those days for years before establishing this temple, much effort was put in to find land,  setting up a committee and collecting funds to make it possible.
Before this temple was set up, the worshipping of Tai Shang Lao Zun were held at some other places.  From young, I used to follow my grandmother travelling from Penang to Taiping, annually to offer prayers.  This is one of the reasons why I am very close to this uncle and his family from young until this day [already decades ago].  Eventhough, my uncle has passed on many years ago, we still practice what we have been doing all this while, as we are fully aware that we have been blessed.
The following photographs were taken during this year's trip.  I would like to record it here as reference. 
Entrance of the Main Hall [Teoh Say Hun Hall]
Altar for worshipping Jade Emperor

Above Photos show the Main Altar housing
 Tai Shang Lao Zun

A wide variety of food and prayer items prepared by the temple and devotees as offerings to Tai Shang Lao Zun.  The food  items will be served or given to devotees at the temple after prayers

Organizing Committee Members Chanting Prayers to Tai Shang Lao Zun at around 12 noon of the day
After prayers during the daytime, the temple will serve dinner during the evening to devotees who come in  droves [groups or families].

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