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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Organising Committee Members
Again, once a year is time for vegetarian meals in conjunction with Nine Emperor Gods Festival, a Taoist celebration of the Gods birthday. 
In my home vicinity there is a makeshift temple set up to celebrate the festival in a rather grand scale with numerous temporary vegetarian food stalls along both sides of the road leading to the temple.
The area is full of activities throughout the nine days starting from 20 October 2017. Many can get to enjoy vegetarian food not necessarily for religious reasons.  Anyway, my family members have been observing vegetarian meals during the duration of the festival for almost 4 generations.  The main reason is because my family members are involved with the yearly send-off of the Nine Emperor God’s ‘Boat’ to the sea on the 9th day night from our clan jetty [Ong Jetty, Penang].   Those involved have to be on vegetarian diet as a respect.

The Wooden Boat For Send-Off
If you like to try vegetarian food, do check it out HERE.  These are the numerous vegetarian dishes which I have prepared over the years.
Anyway, we always enjoy vegetarian meals during this time with very good appetite no matter how simple the dishes are.  The food tastes so tempting and satisfying, especially the curries and stir fry dishes with a combination of ingredients and simple seasonings.
This year, there was a special float procession organised by the temple today [2nd day of the ninth lunar calender]. There were numerous floats, deities in trance, lion dance, fireworks etc.  It is a lively event tonight with many spectators lining the road.
There will be another procession in conjunction with the celebration on the 9th day night where the boat will be sent off to sea after the procession
Apart from the above, Teochew puppet show performances are available on the last 3 days of the festival during daytime and night time.

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