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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Brothers's Father's Day 2012

This is the first year after more than 1/2 a decade that I'm passing this day without my Pa [he passed away 8 months ago].

Anyway, my brothers are celebrating this day as fathers to their children who treated them and all of us in the family to a dinner at the Old House Restaurant in Georgetown.

This is a very unique restaurant where most if its deco are Chinese arts and antiques.  The restaurant owner and cook is a prominent businessman and a 'Datuk'.

This is the second time we had our dinner here, the first was on Mother's Day.  There is no fixed menu for you to select. You just need to inform how paxs and whether it is a course dinner or ala carte meal.

So here are the dishes served.  I believed these must be the restaurant's signature dishes.


We didn't had an 8 course dinner as the servings were aplenty.  For every course, everyone can have more than 1 serving.

The family really enjoyed the dinner and happy as this is also the first time my 2 nephews have treated us to such sumptous dinner using their  well earned income after completing their studies.  Its very thoughful of them to gather the family members together to celebrate Father's Day.


  1. The restaurant signature cold dish look so yummy with so many Ho liew..

  2. Yes, it is. Luckily, we have our nephews there to finish all the food.