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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sumptuous Dinner

We had a sumptuous 8 course dinner at Four Seasons Restaurant, Sunway Tunas, Bayan Baru tonight.  This dinner is a treat from my eldest nephew.   I remembered in the past, we are always  giving the treats, now that era is over for us.  The next generation has grown up and earning well, capable of giving their elders a treat on and off.   It is always a natural circle.  Now we sit to enjoy while the young ones play the role of footing the bill.  Thank you young man and please do this more often, it is much appreciated by all of us.

Too hungry, forgotten to take some shots before starting the dinner.  This four seasons platter is acceptable.  The kerabu squids and fried egg 'kui fah chi' tasted good, the Kiwi sauce fried pork ribs is something new and tasty too.  The fried Nori rolls should be better if crab filament is not used.
Self Service, staff too busy
This shark fin's soup is rather tasty with crab meat and small scallops, comes in steaming hot.  Not too bad
This Marmite Chicken with Fried Buns was selected to replace Crispy Fried Chicken.  Very fragrant and slightly on the sweet side but goes well with the fried buns where are soft and moist.  Quite a good dish to try.
This vegetable dish with fresh bean curd [tau pau], fish maw, mushrooms, broccoli and mock scallops is also good.  The portion given is big and the mock scallops look very real

Can't describe the taste but is like the Marmite Chicken sauce.  The prawns are fresh and quite big and all finished.
This Lemon Steamed Snapper is good for the sauce but the fish is not as fresh as expected.

Stir Fried Spaghetti with Seafood is a nice noodle dish.  Tasty with lots of seafood ingredients like squids, prawns and fried fish meat..  Goes well with sambal belacan.  Portion is enough for us.
The restaurant was very kind to change the Aiyoh Dessert with Fah Sang Hu and Pancake.  The Fah Sang Hu came before the Shanghai Pancake and we thought there is no pancake.  When it came, we had almost finish the peanut cream soup and had forgotten to take a shot of it.

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