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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Penang Heritage Town Visit 2013

We have been so use to Georgetown which is our birth place and where we grew up  for several decades.  But due to developments, we have to move out of town to another part of Penang.  Memories of the serene and easy town are always that beautiful.

Since I am working and residing in the outskirts, travelling to Georgetown becomes less and less.  There has been much restoration and conservation activities/projects in town since we moved out of the place.  So today we make a point to visit some of the heritage buildings, the city roads, museum, churches and of course some of the delicious hawker foods which we used to have etc.  However, we discovered that some of the food and snacks we used to have were no  longer there.  Is this the price we pay for changes and developments?

Here are some of the photos we took during the trip.


St George's Church

Penang Courthouse

Penang Courthouse


 Below are some photos we took at the Penang Museum 
which remind us of the past.
My beloved school principal - Sister Francis De Sales

Cheong Fatt Tze House

One of the lovely Murals in inner Georgetown [Ah Quee Street]

These were the sites and places which I used to pass by during my school days several decades ago.  Those were the days when the roads were so safe and peaceful where school-going children residing in Georgetown could walk or cycle to their schools anytime of the day for lessons and extra-curricular activities.  Oh!, those were the good old, carefree days which I really missed and present day children couldn't get to experience.

I must certainly make more trips back to Georgetown with the young children of the family.

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