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Sunday, May 19, 2013

GE 13 Friends

These photos were taken by special request by our 'YB' Goh Kheng Sneah [always our YB eventhough the voters did not give him the mandate for Batu Uban constituency during GE13] at a thanksgiving dinner after the election.  He said these are for his memories in future when he writes his political memoirs about all the people, his team members who were with him during his campaigning for the state assembly seat.  

To us it is also great experience to be involved and be part of his team in his fight for the right to serve the people of Batu Uban constituency.  Eventhough, he was not elected by the people this time again due to  overall changes in political environment, he has 'recovered' and charted his future paths and directions.  That is to spend time for himself and family members.  He and his family deserves this which was long overdue while he spent most of his time looking after the people.

Most touching - he promised this won't be the last dinner with us eventhough this was his last election.   

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