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Monday, January 02, 2012

Popular Taiwan Local Food and Delicacies

Clockwise - Lukang delicacies - fried radish cake, fried oyster fritter and deep fried small crabs & prawns
Lukang delicacies - 'tai yang' ping, glutinous rice ball with sesame, green bean cookies etc
Taichung - Shaved Ice with mango toppings.
 TWD 80 for a big bowl.  Very Nice
Below are more of Taiwan popular food and delicacies in pictures.
All over Taiwan morning & night markets, food outlets - Braised pig trotters, innards, meat, soy bean cakes etc
Taoyuan morning market - boiled or smoked goose & chicken meat
 - TWD 100/plate.  Worth trying, meat is tender and juicy.  Ate this with steamed mantou.
Taipei Railway Station - Bento Rice set - TWD 80/big box
All night markets - Street food - fried oyster - TWD 50-60/plate
Night market - street food - BBQ skewed food - pig blood cake, sausages, seafood & meatballs etc
Night market - street food - egg pancake with red bean paste
Deep fried potato fritters - pepper/salt or spicy flavour
Deep fried crispy chicken parts
Assorted One dish meal either Taiwanese, Korean or Japanese styles
Street food - deep fried crabs [pepper/salt or spicy]
Night market delicacies - Pepper crispy baked buns
Raohe night market - skewed glazed tomatoes
Night market popular food - shaved ice with assorted fruits
Ai Yuh - cool refreshing dessert - TWD 15 - 25/bowl
Crispy corn crackers - nice
Noodles with stewed fried pork ribs - TWD 75/bowl
 found at night market stalls
Hualien night market - fried stinky tofu.  Grilled ones are better
Stuffed pig intestines - with glutinous rice, I think
Braised [Lou Wei] pig trotters and assorted innards. Very tempting.
Night market - ala carte seafood stall - cook to order
Night market delicacies - BBQ Taiwanese pork sausages
Taiwan popular snack - fried oyster TWD 50-70/plate

Ai Yuk Ping stall - Nice dessert and cheap 
Assorted fried delicacies - fried tofu puffs, soybean curd etc.
Blanched noodles with braised meat
Assorted BBQ delicacies on skewers
Assorted BBQ delicacies on skewers
Night market - braised vegetarian foodstuffs
Grilled prawns
Delicious set lunch - chicken fritters, tofu and vegetables.  Prices from TWD 65 - 85
Delicious set lunch - honey flavoured meat, 3 vegetables and rice.  Prices range from TWD 65 -85
Bento Rice set sold at railway stations.  Price ranges from TWD 65 - 85
Yu Char Koay with soybean milk.  Prices about TWD 25-35
Deep fried Chicken
Snack - Taro Pastry
Snack - Braised Poultry Parts
Tip Bits - Preserved Plums
Snack - Famous Mochi Shop in Hualien
Snack - Tea Eggs
Snack - Jiaozi. Price ranged from TWD 35 -50 per tray
Siew Loong Pau.  Price ranges from TWD 35-50 per tray
Bianshi - Meat dumpling soup
Snack - Different coloured 'Angku'
Snack - Coffin Toast Bread
Snack - Deep fried Prawn rolls
Breakfast - Jiaozi & Soybean Milk
Breakfast - Deep fried Chives Dumpling
Snack - Deep fried Chicken meat rolls.  Price range TWD 35-50.  Buy one roll you can get some some fritters for free.
Snack - Deep fried glutinous balls coated with sesame seeds
Snack - Steamed Taro Balls
Snack - Braised Soy bean cakes and eggs.  Very popular in Taoyuan Old Street.
Snack - Croissants.  Found at Sanxia Old Street.  They have samples to try
Snack - Peanut candy roll
Braised pig trotter - 'lor too kar'.  Very good outlet at Taichung.
Beef Porridge
Taiwanese meatballs - Kong Wan
Taufoo Fah with yam and sweet potato balls
Kong Bak Pau - slit buns with braised meat TWD 40/piece
Taiwanese spring rolls - TWD 35/piece
Lunch - Hock Chiew Fishballs with noodle soup. Large bowl costs about TWD 60.
Breakfast food - Pancake with egg.  TWD 10-15/piece

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