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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day this year falls on the 16th of June.  This is the second year, I'm passing the day without my beloved Papa who had passed away on 23/10/2011.
I have never imagined this day to be a day full of memories of my Papa whom I missed very, very much.  It does bring tears to my eyes whenever I think of him and even at this moment when I'm writing this post.
He had been the pillar of strength to the family.  I am always so proud and confident knowing he had cared,loved me and so concerned about my well being all these years.   I can't think of anybody else in the world that loved me more other than him.  It's so hard to express this feeling but my heart is always heavy whenever the thought that he is no longer with us.
I missed him so much until I don't even mind leaving this world anytime with the hope that I can meet him in the Netherworld.  I always felt so safe with him around anywhere and anytime.
To my dear Papa, just want to say I missed you so much.  You seem so alive in my memories of you. Miss you, miss you very much on this Father's  Day.

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