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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mother's Birthday 2012

Today is my Ma's birthday which corresponds to the 13th day of the lunar ninth month.  She hasn't been well for the past two weeks and we did not intend to celebrate it in an elaborate way.  Yesterday, I informed one of my brothers about it, so that he can come over to the house.

I baked a small cake and prepared an 'Ang Pow' for her.  Today is a Saturday and most of us are off by afternoon.  My mum had a bowl of sesame ginger oil mee suah with pig's kidney, liver, meatballs and egg.  This is her favourite noodle supposed to be good for birthday signifying longevity.

My brother came with the family with a cheesecake from Secret Recipe.  Almost all of her children and grandchildren were in the house.  She was happy cutting the cake after we sang the Happy Birthday song and she received red packet 'Ang Pows' from her children.  Her sister in-law [my Pa's sister] also came over.

Here are some of the photos taken today.  Overall, she was happy eventhough there wasn't any grand dinner.  Most important is her children are with her today.

She wasn't prepared to take any photos otherwise she would had her hair cut and style.

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